Sunday, June 6, 2010

Will Not Be Blogging. d:

hey! sorry for wasting ur time clicking in this page bt IM LAZY TO POST ANYTHING.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paul Scholes U're the Man!

hah. after 183mins of watching manu playing, FINALLY i repeat FINALLY there's a goal.

And it's frm our PRO senior player PAUL SCHOLES! w00t last 30secs header. 7 yeng, bt hope tottenham trash chelsea if not title race imba liao. =.=

=) nice game Manu.

Friday, April 9, 2010

im sooo happy with my results! =)

well sort of.

no fails in any subjects are good enough. :)

Oh yes and MANU lost again =) damn pro la MANU 7 mins leading 3 goals n will lose in AGG. =.=

fine let's see blackburn can win MANU anot.

umm so here's my results.
GCE-72 (damn diao)
BC-52 =)
SEJ-61 (didnt fail even i didnt finish reading chap2)
BIO-77 (highest in 10 subjects. w00t.)

i didnt know tht GCE is counted inside also tht's why i will get so low marks =.= (noob jiu noob la)
lols percentage is over 11 subjects included tht GCE thingy. they times the english marks, damn diao weh. high marks for eng : good for u. low marks for eng(like me) : ****.
percentage 66%
position 36/49 (damn happy) =) =) =) :D

umm cant blame la actually, school's like this damn **** de ma =)

Note : BC rocks! xD

Sunday, April 4, 2010


yes. and chelsea won. WITHOUT GLORY, those fools dun know how to watch where is offside and where is not! =.= cant blame, they gonna get penalty soon for their stupidness. =)

oh wait. clash of the titans is terrific, especially for those who play dota =) cause of the presence of MEDUSA(most taufu hero once chose), whoa it's ulti can kill KRAKEN which is 100000x larger than this filthy piece of snake. nice term eh? =)

dont forget the mighty ZEUS which is soooo dumb to believe his YENG bro, HADES. yea of cause the dark sides rules BCOZ OF ZEUS'S STUPIDNESS! =.= omfgwtf.

w00t. liverpool's playin now. and i hope torres scores double hat-trick =) which will gimme MORE MORE MORE MORE points. =) if u know what im talking about. =.=

Still to come, another boring week. =.=

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's time i say something -.-

so i didnt post anything for such a long time. just wanna emphasize something on my pmr stuff

it seems like pmr exam isnt related to me. dont know what i mean? lol

take result de day i wasnt thr. was at china enjoying.

then go dewan take plug n cert tht time also i cant take.
cause my parents were late to leave d hse.
so ended late about 10mins after d timing.

t("_"t) la

so in d end i take it on last wednesday. with no pride n glory which i waited for 3 years -.-

now's holiday hope everyone enjoy their holiday :) chao

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

chris, make sure u eat your words! :)

so all this havoc's gonna over?.. lol i hope so. guys, stop commenting on them for d sake of me k? dun understand then come ask me. if they start again, i cant think of any reason why v shldnt continue this arguement :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

school is my 2nd home :)

-because i spent most of the time sleeping during school periods- :)

there's one thing i dunno whether im lucky or unlucky.. -.-

it was wednesday.. last 2 periods were P.moral n Sejarah. as usual i was too sleepy. once d teacher write something on d blackboard i would sleep on d table, even for a few secs. LOL

eventually b4 P.moral ends, teacher stopped teaching. i lied on d table. POOF! i fell asleep in jz a few secs. when i wake up, i saw many of my classmates packed their bags n head out of d class.
(school's over of coz they went out of d class la =.=) stupid me.. that time i was totally blur case. then i ask my frend infront of me : " 我们现在去那里?" lol then she replied..

i was so embarassing man.. i didnt even greet d sej teacher, copy his notes.. lol i didnt even saw him weh. =.= luckily tht teacher didnt care much =)

d worst part comes. my pjk representatif told us 2 bring pjk clothes 4 tmr at d last period. n of coz, i didnt hear it. so i went home.

d next day, GG.COM!! i thought today dun need bring coz last week teacher said next week dun need bring.. lol but he informed d class dy except me! lol

so every1 got their t-shirts on except for me. wtf weh. i quickly go borrow frm someone afternoon session de. luckily i know him n he lend to me =) thank god n may god bless that guy.

so i faster changed n dashed to d sportscenter. i damn scared d teacher started teaching dy coz 1 of my fren said if u didnt bring d pjk clothes 4 2 times, u have 2 do 80 pumps. lol coz i didnt bring it last week i did 40 pumps.

zz luckily teacher havent started d teaching. so nothing happened. as usual, teacher made us 2 run d school field for many rounds. 8 rounds 4 this time. gooooooood!!

~blah blah~ ==